Berlin Steel


Quilted cushioned design is custom-made with delicate precision using a running stitch giving the harness its structured shape and coagulated volume, while the alluring metallic edge ribbing contours the brawn formation.

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The Berlin Steel harness’ intricate composition is designed with a combination of strength, durability and style as seen with the integration of mineral colors of onyx and lead implemented surrounding the entire configuration. This piece was influenced by the steel obtained from the iron reduction forged in the historical era of the Great Moravian Empire around 9th century AD. Accurate to form,  . The evolution of this architectural creation is executed to refine the reinforcements to strength in order to cater to the pet’s agility in its powerful performance.


Pretty Paw

Pretty Paw has proudly influenced catwalks, dogwalks, pet celebrities & pet fashion for 10 years

Pretty Paw’s design evolution is inspired from global trends that are fresh off the runway season.  Textiles from all over the world tailor the contemporary line with the latest fabrics, which are implemented in every year’s ‘Fashion Couture Collection’.  With the enhancement of innovative and dynamic engineering, the advanced compositions not only strengthen important key elements, but also elevate technical components expanding into a larger market catering to every unique canine and breed. Pretty Paw always strives to consistently utilize natural materials that are animal friendly generating mass appeal within the Pet Fashion industry.

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