Pony-Popony Jacket Dark Grey



This jacket with a low collar is easily put on the dog: slip your do’s head through the collar and connect the back and chest pieces with a velcro. Velcros aloow to adjust chest and belly girth. Hidden elastic band on the front of the collar with a clip allows to adjust neck girth.

A hidden opening with a zipper on the back to attach the leash to the harness. A hidden opening on the back of the collar to attach the leash to the collar.

Jacket fits for spring-fall season and wet cool summer. Fabric is water- and wind-proof and consist of three layers: membrane on the outside, soft warm fleece on the inside. Practical material endures dirt, sand, grass spots, scratches from cones and branches, which is why you can wear it for city, forest, beach walks. 

We do not recommend wearing the jacket during rain, because the water can get through the micro-holes where the fabric is sewn together.


We made the jacket of:

– Three-layered water and wind resistant material: membrane on the outside, fleece on the inside

– Adjustable velcros

– Hidden openings to attach the leash to the collar or harness

– Hidden rubber band on clip to adjust the neck girth

– Our love


Care instructions: Let it dry after a walk and shake off the dirt.


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