Car transportation house Pony-Autohousony



The auto-house is available for pre-order, production time 10-15 business days

Closed auto-house is:

Clean car salon

Undistracted driver

Comfort for the pet

The key point of the auto-house is that it is closed and restricts your pet from scampering in the car or jumping on owner’s lap. 

Therefore your car salon is:




There is a mesh top that ensures ventilation and open view for the pet. Your pooch will have lots of space inside the house that he can freely move around in, watch the road and the human through the window. You can pet your dog or give them a treat through the front window on a velcro. 

Unfold the house completely for it to take up all the back seat space or just half of it. Completely unfolded house can fit few small to medium size pets. Completely folded ouse takes up minimum space in your car trunk.


Length in fully unfolded form is 116 см

Diameter 60 см

Comes with a mattress-underlay 49х113 см on velcro


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