Car seat for dogs black



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Our pet car seat is made of:

– Vandal-proof fabric with water-resistant impregnation
– Filler: faybertec and sintepon
– Leather handles
– Our love 

 Dimensions: 45x37x45 cm

We are car owners and we are well aware of what it’s like to have a dog in the car. If it is not seated still and fixed to one place, then the dog is trying to get on your knees, to your hangs, run around the car salon. Now imagine this happening and then a car stops abruptly – the dog will fall down under the car seat. This is dangerous both for the pet and for the driver.

It was important for us to create a car seat that has an airbag effect for the dog and that restricts dog’s movement to some extent. This is why we created a car seat that has high borders which do not allow for the dog to fall out. There is a little leash inside that attaches to the pet’s harness that keeps the dog in place.

Moreover, you car salon will be scratchless and without fur all over the place – all of this will be inside the pet car seat. 

The pet seat is attached to the car seat or the headrest with a strap.

We do not recommend using the pet seat as a carrier.


Care: vandalproof fabric makes the pet car seat easy to clean – just wipe or brush the dirt off.



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