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We love our pets and they play such an important part in our lives. Making sure we give them the best care possible is a priority to pet parents and it is comforting to know that you can get answers from someone you trust. Our 100% Apple all natural dog treats provides exceptional quality made from only a   single ingredient without chemicals, additives or preservatives. These treats are as natural as they come as food is health.                      

DR. KELLY                    


Dr. Kelly The Vet

Meet Kelly.
She’s awesome. We mean REALLY awesome… like so awesome this website can’t contain her awesomeness.

Why is she awesome you ask?

Because she’s the best damn dog doctor out there and one of the few that has your dog’s nutrition in mind. As a small animal emergency veterinarian, she’s seen her share of ups and downs with our furry friends, but one thing remained constant… dog owners struggled with nutrition.

Which sparked an idea… why not make an easy, single-ingredient snack that dogs would love and owners can trust? So she did just that.

Watch the video above to learn more about Kelly The Vet and her awesome line-up of all-natural dog treats.

Real Food,
No Junk,
All of our treats are made with high quality real foods that your dog will love.

We freeze dry ingredients making preservatives unnecessary, and all of them are made up of a single base component with zero additives.

One ingredient, so it’s easy to know what you’re feeding your dog to better understand the nutritional impact and easily select treats for those dogs with allergies.
The New
Prevention is the ONLY cure and proper nutrition for your fuzzy companion is always a priority.

“You are what you eat” also applies to your pet so don’t lose sight of having healthy, local-sourced, nutritious treats at the ready when your dog needs a pick-me-up.

Of All
Dogs, like humans, can develop allergies, so it’s super important to think about how they snack as much as their main diet.

That’s why Kelly’s developed an assortment of protein, fruit and veggie options to cover any dietary needs or just keep it interesting for your little family member.

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