Goji Berry Beef

  • Icon Benefit b8a3e561-f1e8-4591-ac94-e4b8b52426b2-1Oatmeal is great for dogs with wheat sensitivities or allergies, and will help your pup feel full all day long.
  • Icon Benefit b8a3e561-f1e8-4591-ac94-e4b8b52426b2-2Goji berries support a healthy immune system, good vision, and overall gut health.
  • Icon Benefit b8a3e561-f1e8-4591-ac94-e4b8b52426b2-3Hemp seed & anchovy oils help reduce inflammation, improve joint mobility and clear skin conditions.



Tom & Sawyer

If your pet could talk, this is what they’d order for dinner

You already know what your pet wants for dinner: Human food! At Tom&Sawyer, we believe real food is for the whole family—fur fam included. That’s why we cook meals for cats and dogs like we do for ourselves: With real, healthy ingredients, mouth-watering flavours and a lotta love.

Picky eater, health conditions, allergies? We’ve got dinner covered.